Trek X Caliber 8 Modified Special Edition
السعر: 500 د. ب
نشر منذ 18 يوم و 1 ساعة

For Sale Trek X-Caliber 8 Matte Black Good Condition Bought Brand New from Agent with Documents .. Size M/L Accessories: 1- High End Off-Road Tubeless Tires Upgrade 2- High End Aluminium Pedals Upgrade 3- High End Grips Upgrade 4- Upgraded American Brand (Special Order) Front & Tail Lights 5- Bontrager Authentic Helmet Matte Black Matching Color 6. Phone Holder 7. Brand New Gears Just been fit at the agent including fully serviced and checked with no issues at all. 8. Always Stored inside its room air conditioned. Bike Brand new with all mods done to it cost around 700BD. Hasnt been used many rides due to lack of time to ride it. Asking Price 500 BD or closest offer. For Inquiries Call or Whatsapp on الحالة جديد  

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