Hi-Fi Speakers for sale (Canton Karat 60)
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Canton is the largest manufacturer and best-selling brand of loudspeakers in Germany. Selling Canton Karat 60 Speakers in very good condition, they sound amazing, all woofers and tweeters work perfectly. Speakers made in Germany. Generally Manufacturer: Canton Model: Karat 60 Years of construction: 1987 - 1990 Made in Germany Color: black, white, walnut, oak, mahogany Dimensions: 310 x 580 x 310 mm (WxHxD) Weight: 16.5 kg Each Original price approx .: 2000 DM Technical specifications Type: Closed or from 1989 bass reflex 3-way box, compact speaker Chassis: Woofer: 260 mm Midrange: 120 mm Tweeter: 25 mm aluminum-manganese dome Power handling: 100/150 W (nominal / music power handling) Efficiency: 93.4 dB Frequency response: Frequency range: 22 - 30,000 Hz Transition ranges: 450 / 4,000 Hz Impedance: 4 ohms https://www.hifi-wiki.de/index.php/Canton_Karat_60 الماركة ماركة أخرى الحالة مستعمل